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Speed Up Download

Almost all of our resources are stored on the mega(Mega is one of the best cloud storage and file hosting services.), and most of the DVDs, MP4s and other video files are over 1GB, so we give here a way to speed up the download speed of the mega.

Does MEGA have a speed limit?

Mega has been a popular way of sharing such files and its simple interface makes it easy to use. However, its 5GB limit on free services can often lead to users wondering if there’s a way to bypass the Mega service’s download limit.

Method 1*.Download MEGA files without limits using Mega Downloader

Step 1: Install MegaDownloader.

Mega Downloader (version 1.8)

Step 2: Generate Download Link with MegaDownloader.

  1. In your browser, go to mega.co.nz and copy the link in the address bar for the file you want to download.
  2. Launch MegaDownloader and on its toolbar click the Streaming option followed by Watch Online.

Method 2: Using VPN

There used to be a few apps that could be used to bypass Mega’s download restriction seamlessly, but it looks like the service has closed any loophole they’ve exploited.

What really worked was using a VPN to get a new IP address. There are so many VPN services available. NordVPN is the best if you’re looking for a paid VPN service.

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